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Welcome to our Free Link Analyzer its makes the complete report of the outgoing and incoming links to any URL of the website. It provides complete information about the total internal links and external links, DO-follow links and NO-follow links found on the website. You type the URL of a website and hit on Enter. This tool will crawl a full website.

Internal Links and External Links?

An internal link is a link to the another page on the same domain or website. You can take the example of your site's navigation menu which has links to different categories or pages such as About Page, or Contact Page. Since each of these links points to another page on the same domain; we call them inner or internal links.

External or outgoing links are those links which are pointing to another domain from your website. For example, you give a link from your site to your's friend site. Since you are linking from your site to another site, we call them external links.

Benefit Of This Free Link Analyzer Tool?

Link Analyzer Tool generates a complete link analysis report in a table form so that you can quickly determine the ratio between the internal and external links for any website. It is also very useful for webmasters for researching other sites that are linking to you.

You can also make use of this tool in a smart way! Many intelligent online marketers are earning money by providing a complete link analysis report to their clients on Fiverr and other similar platforms. So you can use this tool in that way too!

Whether you are performing a link auditor working on the latest Penguin Update, Our Team has made the link analyzing Free Link Analyzer Tool for you.