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About Word Counter

Word Counter is free character counting best tool. You need to paste an article in a box and click on enter. In one second, Word counter will display output in the chart form, telling the total word count. 

Word Counter is an awesome tool for people who are working in the internet online field. In these days, search engines prefer quality and lengthy content, so after producing your content, you can check it's total word count. If your site's author is required to write a minimum or maximum amount of words for an article, you can use our Word Counter to check if their article meets the requirements or not.

This Word Counter by SEOtoolsolution is awesome because you can check word count of an article written in any language. Our professional staff has made this tool compatible to work with any language. Whether your content is in German, English, Urdu, Hindi, Bengali, Spanish or any other language, this tool can provide the exact word and characters count in less than second!

Most other tools are free with the limited options, ours is free with the premium options. No signup or registration required. Our Word Counter works smoothly on any device and browser, and our team is working to add more value to word counter tool.